hi! i'm marisa, the coach for divorced moms

divorce is an
extremely difficult

Contemplating divorce is even more overwhelming.

It’s not a subject that most people can understand unless they themselves have been through it.  There are so many layers in the process of divorce.  

I felt paralyzed before, during, and after my divorce, and no one around me understood the pain of it all.  

You don’t have to hide behind shame and guilt.  As a divorced mom myself, I know what it takes to untangle a divorce, and it doesn’t happen without intention and hard work.

Together we can create a relationship of a lifetime, the one that starts with YOU!

how did i get here? who was I before all of this? How did I lose myself?

if something
doesn't grow
it dies

How did you get here? What led you to this unconscious relationship? The goal is to move you foward by creating action steps that will allow you to be unstuck. Let’s extract the lessons from your pain and heal what is still lingering so that nothing will stand in the way of you moving foward.  You’ve had the power all along, my friend.  

If something doesn’t grow it dies.  EMERGENCE is powerful.  But before you can emerge, you must be ready to heal the core of who you are–YOUR ESSENCE.  You can’t find your way back to yourself if you are exhausted from appeasing everyone around you, fighting for validation and approval, all the while losing sight of what really matters…YOU. 

YES YOU CAN… recover from divorce, heal from heartbreak, reconnect after conflict, drop guilt and shame like a bad habit, create a conscious relationship with your children without losing sight of who you are, overcome long standing disagreements, heal from infidelity, and find your purpose in the aftermath of it all.

You are not a victim of your divorce.  You are so much more! Before you became a wife and mother, you were a person.  And you may have lost sight of who she is.  I would love nothing more than to help you find her again.  


Hi, I'm Marisa,
certified life coach, and reformed people pleaser

I had to get to a point in my life where not only did I know that doing the same thing over and over again was insane, but living it was so painful that I had to make some new decisions. I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, and I also couldn’t blame others around me for keeping me stuck.

Why Hire a Divorce Recovery Coach?

  • You’re tired of carrying guilt and shame as constant companions
  • Blaming others for your pain is keeping you stuck in victim mode
  • You’re tired of feeling powerless
  • The pain you are carrying is causing conflict between your children and you
  • You realize that your children aren’t responsible for your happiness

I’m familiar with each of these – intimately – because I’ve experienced them myself. You can find out more about my story here.

You can live an authentic, meaningful life where unconditional love and connection are the foundation for freedom, creativity, joy, and contribution.

are you ready
to discover your

Allow me to grab you by the hand and show you that there is a better way to walk through your divorce?

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