Free Sneak Peek to the Digital Divorce Recovery Course! Part One

My new digital course is out, Untying the Knots of Divorce and Stepping into Your Purpose, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I believe in the power of this course so much that I am releasing the entire first module for free.  I know, it’s crazy, but I am that committed to your journey towards rediscovering just how powerful you really are.

In the 30 day course, I teach you how to get unstuck from divorce, learn how to set boundaries with everyone, detox your environment from what isn’t serving you, and parent from a place of POWER, and so much more.

Don’t let divorce define you. Together we will Untie the Knots of Divorce so that you can start living a life of freedom.  After taking the course you’ll be able to open yourself up to new healthy relationships, where you aren’t sacrificing who you are in order to have the unconditional love you deserve.

In the next few weeks, I am going to challenge you to get a little uncomfortable with me as we dive deeper and get intimate with your divorce story.

The first step is showing up for yourself, and you did just that.  I feel so proud and honored to be able to share the tools for releasing the knots of divorce.

I can’t promise that this journey will be comfortable, but I can guarantee you that you are worth it.  So let’s dive right in!

The first step towards healing is AWARENESS.

Module 1: Awareness:  Recipe for Change

“You cannot change what you refuse to confront.”—unknown

I love this quote! To create change, you must start with awareness. You can’t change anything if you are not willing to look at it.  Half the battle of healing is looking at the situation with eyes wide open instead of escaping, distracting, and avoiding.

The goal is not just to survive divorce, it’s to thrive through a divorce.

Along with awareness, you must make a decision.  Untying the knots requires full participation to utilize the tools given to you.  Nobody can create change for us.  Transformation is our responsibility and undertaking.  I can give you all the tools to paint a beautiful portrait, but as the artist of your own life, you must be willing to dig deep and pour your soul onto the canvas.  Together we can create a masterpiece.

Next, you need to know your why.

Why do you want things to change?

What will healing from divorce mean to you?

How would it make you feel? Imagine in detail how your life will look.

If you don’t do the work, what will this mean for you, and how will it affect your loved ones?

And lastly, be ready to embrace uncertainty.  As I said earlier, it’s time to get uncomfortable.  Get ready to navigate through territories you may have never explored before.  Divorce knocked the monotony right out of me. Before that, I was living a pretty comfortable life, but it lacked many essential key ingredients.  I quickly learned that if I wanted to live a life that was my own, I had to be willing to give up trying to keep everything the same.

Growth is not stagnant; it’s forever moving forward. 

I am going to be challenging you to look at what you may have been refusing to confront.  My goal is to get you to move through the divorce process and be stronger because you refuse to avoid the pain of it all.

I know divorce is difficult, and it can be paralyzing, but when the wounds are left untreated, it can spill into every part of your life, and I don’t want that to happen to you.  Your happiness is vital to everyone around you.

This program is going to teach you how to connect with your inner spirit so that you will have constant awareness in every situation.  Once you connect to the truth of who you are, it’s hard to live life any other way.

Module 1:  AWARENESS:  How Did You Get Here?

The next part of Awareness we are going to discuss is reflecting on “How did you get here?”

What led you to this unconscious relationship? You can’t begin to untie the knots if you don’t have awareness around the steps you took that led you to divorce.

Asking this profound question will lead you to a fork in the road.  You’ll be required to make a life-altering decision.  Your choices are: to continue living in this unconscious state and attract more of the same energy into your life, or you can decide that you have had enough suffering and something needs to change.

I am guessing you are here because you had had enough, just like I did when I asked myself, “How did I get here?” I remember that day so vividly.  I had what some call a “dark night of the soul,” an existential crisis.  I was alone in my home, still living with my husband and two children, awaiting the commencement of our divorce.

On that night, I wanted answers. I was tired of living a life that wasn’t my own.  I was exhausted and defeated, and I knew I couldn’t live this way anymore.  I hit a wall, or as some would say, I reached rock bottom and knew that I couldn’t keep running anymore.  I began an internal dialogue, one that up until that day I never really had.  It was time to face what I long-neglected, my inner spirit.

The dialogue went something like this:

The first question was, “Who the hell am I?” The answers followed as I wrote them down on paper. To be clear, these answers did not come from my head; they came from the deepest part of my knowing, deep within myself.  “Who was Marisa before she became someone’s wife and mother when she was just a young girl?” 

I wrote down–I was someone that loved people: I loved helping people, having deep conversations with people, and seeing people beyond what the eyes could ever see.  I loved being creative, even though I long neglected that part of me.  I loved music, music so loud that my soul would get lost in.  I loved being playful and joking around.  I was funny and sarcastic in a playful kind of way.  I loved learning:  reading, writing, learning about how others around the world lived, learning about nutrition, new ways of moving my body, and I loved being outside in nature. 

These were all things I neglected because I believed that I had to give them up so that I could  be a “good wife and a good mother.”  My limiting beliefs told me that I didn’t have time, it was selfish, I had to put my family first, my needs weren’t as important,  that these things would take away from my family.  

What followed next was, “How did I get here? How did I lose sight of who I am and who I was meant to be?  How do I find her again? How do I find that little girl who was created in perfection, but who lost her way?”

These were the pivotal questions that opened a portal to a world I never knew existed. The darkness that I felt was real, and I got to that place because I was not living in my light, I was living in the shadows of everyone else around me, and my spirit had enough of the darkness.  It was time to let the light lead the way.

I thought to myself I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I picked up my laptop and googled, “How did I get here?” What popped up was a book by Barbara De Angelis entitled, “How Did I Get Here?”— FINDING YOUR WAY TO RENEWED HOPE AND HAPPINESS WHEN LIFE AND LOVE TAKE UNEXPECTED TURNS.

My marriage coming to an end was an unexpected turn, alright.  I knew nothing about the world of self-help at the time; all I knew was that I was desperate for a lifeline.

It’s incredible how fast the universe responds when you start asking the right questions, and you start paying attention.   It was time to take a hard look at how I got to that place, and to accept ownership if I wanted to create lasting change.

What happened next blew my mind, and it might blow yours too!  But you’ll have to wait to find out.

Are you ready to take ownership of how you got here?  If you answered YES, I need you to be prepared to leave a few things behind.  Deal? To pave the way for clarity, you must be willing to do the following:

  • Let go of the need to blame anyone
  • Stop reliving what you thought should have been
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Speak your truth
  • Reconnect to your spirit
  • Trust that you are going to get through this more powerful than ever

Next week we are going to continue with the rest of module one, so please make sure you are on the newsletter to get a reminder.

Also, I am including all the actual exercise journals from my self-guided online course right HERE!

If you are a visual learner, like I am, I got you covered.  I also created Youtube videos for you to follow along with me as I walk you through the course step by step.  You can link to this week’s video right HERE!

See you next week as we continue discussing AWARENESS.



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