If You Want to Heal You Need to CONNECT

For those of you that have been following the blog, I hope you enjoyed the past three weeks as I released the entire 1st module of my digital course, “Untying the Knots of Divorce and Stepping into Your Purpose.”

Module 1 was all about AWARENESS. You can’t change anything if you aren’t aware of what needs to be changed. We are creatures of comfort, and the thought of change terrifies us! It is not until we get to an uncomfortable place, and we can’t take another minute, that we finally step into action. 

As you can see in the 1st module, the course is not just about healing from divorce. It’s really about healing what has been lingering beneath the surface that you brought into your marriage so that you will stop attracting the same experience into your life.  

My goal in creating this course is to have a roadmap that will lead you back to your truth. When you stand in your truth and know who you are, as a woman and as a mother, nothing will have the power to paralyze you any longer. It’s the stepping stone to living a life of purpose, and that’s what I have done for the rest of the course. I walk you towards discovering your purpose because divorce is only a symptom of neglecting your spirit.  

I am so excited to announce that I have decided to take this a step further!  

I am creating an entire community just for YOU! 

Our new community is called “Step into Your Purpose Divorce Group.” The purpose of this group is to cultivate connection, encouragement, support, and authentic deep-rooted healing. 

What does this look like?

I will set up a monthly Zoom coaching call for women who are contemplating divorce, are already divorced, or who have just lost sight of who they are and want to rediscover their truth.  

The first Zoom call will be Thursday, October 29th, at 6:00 PM PST/ 9:00 PM EST. These calls will not be recorded and are entirely private to anyone in the group. Your Zoom camera will be on so that we can get to know each other more intimately.  

Why is connection so significant in the healing process? 

Connection is a topic that has been pressing on my heart for several years now. Over a year ago, I was at a women’s healing circle. At that event, this one woman opened up her heart like no one ever had before to me. I had no idea who she was or what her story was, but what was certain is that she needed connection.  

She proceeded to tell us that as a child, she was sexually abused by multiple family members. At the time, she had just had a baby. She began to express with deep sadness that she never felt more alone. Feeling her pain broke me.  

I realized that she isn’t the only person who feels utterly alone. It is the most common feeling among many of my clients. I myself remember a time where I felt alone, abandoned by my own family and friends in divorce, feeling like a ghost in a sea of people.   

We weren’t created to do life alone, to feel disconnected and isolated on our own island. Humans are hardwired for connection. This is why community is detrimental to our survival. Oftentimes, when I share my divorce experience with clients, or when they read my blogs, they are so grateful that I shared my story because they can see that they are not alone in their suffering.

You are not alone! In this group call, you will see that your experiences are not unique. We all have our struggles, our pains, our challenges, and the only way through it is together.  

I invite you to take part in rediscovering your purpose and remembering that before you became a wife or a mother, you were a woman. And that woman matters to herself and everyone else around her.

Once a month, we will challenge each other with topics that will get us outside our comfort zone because if we want to live a life of purpose, we have to be willing to get uncomfortable and leave behind what isn’t serving us.

What isn’t serving you? 

✦ feeling powerless

✦ feeling reactive

✦ allowing everyone to determine how you live

✦ not feeling like a good mother

✦ constantly defending yourself

✦ needing to prove yourself worthy

✦ feeling overwhelmed

✦ fearing losing control of your children

✦ feeling paralyzed and stuck

✦ feeling disconnected from your body

No more triggers. No more reactivity. No more feeling powerless. It’s time to stand in a place of purpose and reconnect back to your truth!

Register HERE to get the Zoom link for the call! See you this Thursday! 


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