How Setting Boundaries Can Help You On Your Journey Towards Forgiveness

Forgiveness is such an emotionally charged and powerful word. For many of us just hearing that word makes us cringe.  There is so much meaning attached to it, and we might not be in a place of wanting to let go of the stories we are holding onto, of the wrongdoings that were done to us. [Read more…]

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Four Tips To Finding Your Flow After a Difficult Divorce

Are you stuck in divorce purgatory? It’s that place where your marriage has died, but you’re not really sure what’s next for you.  The end of a marriage is something that I don’t wish upon anyone, especially when there are children involved, but it is sometimes the necessary option. The unravelling of a family unit brings on[Read more…]

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How Does “The Good Girl” Archetype Put Out The Fire In Your Relationship

Let me first describe to you the characteristics of, “The Good Girl.”  She’s a beautiful soul that learned at a very young age how to please those around her.  She is always very polite, and would never want to hurt a soul, even if it’s at the detriment of her own spirit.  She would rather[Read more…]

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How To Handle A Narcissist: Three Of My Top Tips For Keeping Your Cool

Each one of us has had to deal with a narcissist at some point or another:  Whether it was an ex, a boss, or a family member.  Dealing with a narcissist can be extremely difficult and exhausting as all hell! The recurring question that I get asked is “How do I deal with someone that has[Read more…]

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Butterfly Magic: The Story of How I Found My Way Back to Me & Emerged into A Whole New Life

There is a butterfly in each and every one of us. But before she can emerge from her cocoon, she must first go within – she must retreat from the world of noise, chaos, and control to reclaim her ultimate purpose: to fly without limitations, with total release and abandon.  In flying, she is able[Read more…]

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