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Advice From My Attorney
Interview with Nick Salick
Words of Wisdom
In this interview you’ll get to meet my lawyer, Mr. Nick Salick of Salick Family Law, in Beverly Hills. He is the lawyer who represented me in my divorce case.
The only reason that I can now have this conversation with him after eight years is that I have done the work to heal from this painful experience.

Let me say that the thought of talking to a family law attorney for me is like going to the dental office—not a pleasurable experience.

Honestly, it gives me knots in my stomach. I don’t want to contribute to any more stress you might be feeling, only to provide you with enough information to put you at ease and get you to start thinking about asking the right questions.

podcast Interview

Single Moms Doing It All
with murielle fellows
Make your own choices

In this episode, we will prompt you to examine certain questions that you may have regarding your childhood conditioning.

My guest, Marisa Lupo, tells her story, which is quite similar to mine. We went really in-depth into answering questions such as:

  • How did it affect who you invite in your life and even may have married? 
  • How did it impact your own parenting style?
  • How did freeing yourself make you stronger?

podcast Interview

Own Your Choices,
Own Your Life
with Marsha Vanwynsberghe
Make your own choices

In this episode we discuss:

  1. We are all breaking generational chains by choosing something different for our life. It isn’t easy.  It is necessary to create a massive change in our lives that we are all capable of creating.
  2. Learning how to let go of the shame and guilt of our stories is truly the most freeing feeling in the world.
  3. Without ownership, nothing can change, ever.
  4. All roads lead to healing and when we must put our healing as a top priority.

podcast Interview

You Are A BadAss Mother
with Jeanette Lucero
You are a badass mother

Welcome to our 3 Part Series Back Into The Wild. A series to help women release the struggle from resentment and find freedom in relationships.

We share our personal struggles through marriage and the steps we took to freedom both in our relationships, and ourselves and now apply within our private coaching practices.

Marisa and I share in the experience so many women face every day in waking up and looking around at their life and wondering “How did I get here? This is not the life I am supposed to be living!”

We understand women need help in recovering the deeper truth to making the decisions necessary around relationships, knowing that there is always the part we take in any relationship regardless of the outcome.

Questions like; who am I? What do I want? What is my part in this? What do I need to change? How do I change? There are foundational steps we share linked below to beginning this process that is extremely effective to open up your truth.

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4 Step Process To Release Guilt & Shame
“Guilt and shame were my constant companions, but awareness is the first step towards changing anything. I started becoming acutely aware of my body and my thoughts every time these emotions began surfacing.

In the words of Dr. Brene Brown, the first thing we need to do to get past shame is to recognize that we are feeling it. If you don’t feel your way through these emotions and don’t become aware of them, they will keep you stuck.”

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